The early years of the Wizworks crew.

What we intended initially two years ago, was to make a short piece, flirting with the iconic snow battle scenes from The Empire Strikes Back. The name of the band was Pocket Metropolis so naturally we were looking for concepts where we could make ourselves tiny in comparison to something else. It was to be a fun little project with a quick execution and it ended up taking two years to finish (with alot of start and stops to be fair) with over 100 vfx-shots and when we started we had a little to no knowledge within this field what so ever . It’s been a true learning-by-doing-experience. The pilot scenes are shot with a cheap Canon 500D (in 30 fps!) and the very last scene was shot with the Canon 1D C. I think that alone says alot about our growth over this period. Lately we’ve been focusing on finishing off old projects that been sitting unfinished and this one is one of those. Though this film has it’s short comings as for the technical aspects and the story telling is a bit rough around the edges, we’re still proud of the commitment and ambition by all people involved. With no further ado: