Angry Johnny And The Killbillies

Wizworks with Americas favorite blood grass band

One of Wizworks Studios own vfx artist Christoffer Åström, has pretty much single-handedly produced a music video for the bloodgrass band Angry Johnny And The Killbillies with the song ’Kill Again’.

It’s a gritty, violent and stylized piece almost with a comic book quality to it. So with that said – viewers discretion is advised. Though Christoffer wrote, filmed and did the vfx work all by himself he felt the need of an additional element to the production – stop motion animation. To help him execute his vision he brought stop motion artist Rikard Svensson onboard. Rikard gave life to the demon or devil that figurates  in a few cut sequenses through out the video. The articulated puppet and Svenssons addition to the production really contributed to a richer end result. We thank Rikard for his time and devotion on this project and congrats Christoffer to a job well done. Enjoy!